The Way We Have To...
By CastielsStolenGrace
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Sam and Dean Winchester live in Lawrence Kansas with their parents John and Mary Winchester. Sam and Dean go to school at Lawrence High, Dean being a Junior and Sam being a Freshman. Dean is a jock, but he secretly is very introverted and anxious. Sam is a nerd. He's very smart and has a great future aligned for himself. Sam is always focused in school and only has one friend. he doesn't mind though, he has his Fandoms to keep him company. John and Mary have been in love since they were teenagers. They both were scared because Mary almost died in a house fire when they boys were very young, but she was lucky enough to survive. A few months ago their cousin Michael Shurley moved in with the Winchesters because he's going to college near them and doesn't have enough money to have a dorm room. Castiel, Sam and Lucifer Novak live with their Dad Chuck. They moved to Lawrence after their mother died tragically. Chuck decided they needed a fresh start so they moved halfway across the country. Castiel is very shy and very smart. But if he wants something, he won't stop until he gets it. Gabriel is the trickster who loves candy, but he has made very bar decisions in the past which causes mental issue for the smaller Novak. Lucifer is the troublemaker at school, but kind and caring at home. He has always been lonely but he blocks that away with tricks and sarcasm. Castiel is a Junior, Gabriel is a Sophomore and Lucifer is a Senior. When their worlds collide, how will things change? Will it be for the better, or will everything crash and burn around them?

Chapter 1: This is Where it Begins

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The Way W...
by CastielsStolenGrace