Down To You[Wattys2...
By PolinaMartinMorgan
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[Warning: PG-18] The healing process after a break up shouldn't be this difficult. Soccer player Annabelle Hart gave up on relationships after her quarterback boyfriend Jacob cheated on her. She thought she had pushed him out of her life, until Jacob kept taunting her. Everything escalated from there. Anna's best friend Logan is the rising star of the football team. After getting fed up with the bullying, she asks Logan to be her fake boyfriend to prove to Jacob she can do better, and hopefully make him regret his actions. But she finds out she only put herself into a more complicated situation. Logan Helson doesn't have it easy. Life plays a cruel trick on him when his best friend--who doubles as a crush--asks him to be her boyfriend...a fake boyfriend. So close yet so far, he tries to win win her over. But with every step step he takes, she takes two back--hiding her heart further and further away. As well as that, he's got his own demons to battle. Suffering with depression, his life seems to be spiraling out of control... and everything he's worked for is on the line. Will Logan get Anna to accept that she's his and defeat his mental illness? And will Anna, desperate to avoid more heartbreak, pull off her plan without a hitch? Or will she makes things worse--ruining a friendship and aggravating Jacob. (Thanks to @TAngel96 and @-Lifesaver- for creative summary)


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Down To Y...
by PolinaMartinMorgan