Unity Wars- A Final...
By drew32002
  • Adventure
  • awesome
  • crazy
  • dragons
  • energy
  • magic


14 years ago an evil sorcerer took over the entire country of E.M. Unity ( Energy Magic United) with his own powers and the small help of about a 1000 dragons. Lily, a young female of age of 14, going to a school which teaches how to use their powers either energy of magic has a problem. She has both abilities which is illegal so she never showed anyone until a stranger showed up. This stranger, a young male of age 14, named Hoshi also has these powers and has never been scared to use them in his entire life. Crazy things happen with normal school stuff (it least for Lily) and the schools resistance against the sorcerer and his police force. Hoshi the usually care free happy fest seems to have a problem as well with them but his reasons are unknown. So come along for the ride of a one day to be animated series in it's original drafts !

Chapter 0

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Unity War...
by drew32002