The Most Romantic S...
By DCASleer
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In 1880 a Scottish young, Mr. Lionard McNair travels to South-america for business related to the train wheel construction and meet a young girl named Martina and an even younger boy called Martin. Their destinies and their's friends will be attached forever when the ship sank. They'll have to survive. Martina promised with her girl friend never get married without love, but her afraid to loose her father will rush her decision. It will bring unpleasant consequences and will have to fight to accomplished that promise or living without love. Copyright© D.C.A. Savia, 2016 All rights reserved. It's strictly prohibited without the written consent of holders of the "Copyright" under the penalties provided by law, the partial or total reproduction of this work by any means or process, including reprography and computer processing authorization and distribution copies by rental or public loan. Safe Creative #: 1 609169 199540 1 609159 195606 Spanish 1st Edition, September 2016.

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The Most...
by DCASleer