Shadow Wood
By gryphon88
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[Featured by Wattpad] Alex Cabrera is new to Shadow Wood, Pennsylvania. Not that he minded moving from the Sunshine State when there's nothing there to hold him down. Not even the clingy ex-boyfriend who won't stop calling him repeatedly throughout the day. To Alex, Shadow Wood reminds him of a living Prozac commercial. Strangers smile and wave from their yards, while children blissfully run and play. The town is unmistakably beautiful, a vibrant, historical community, with a river that runs through its center. If that's not enough to catch Alex's attention, there's also the four beautiful strangers he meets at a bonfire, who will force him to question his worldview. Little does he know, a connection he shares with one of them, will alter his life forever. But not everything in Shadow Wood is as blissful and rose colored as it appears. A series of storms brewing on the horizon seem to portend something sinister is coming. And though no one wants to admit it, Alex senses it will be a battle of life or death; good versus evil. And if he's right, what price must be paid? What sacrifice must be endured? What losses must be suffered? Highest Ranked at #54 in Paranormal on 08.13.2017 Book One of The Shadow Wood Chronicles *Updated Cover Design by @Poptartisdelicious* *Protected by US Copyright Registration*


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Shadow Wo...
by gryphon88