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Alec + Katherine = Aline Only this equation was a bit too hard to solve because both the reactants came out to be alike and repelled each other. They didnt know that both of them combined were full package of hotness and pranks. Both the best friends fell apart due to reason still unknown to them. The only thing which kept them in touch- pranks. 'The Troublemakers' of Laurel High School hate each other from the bottom of their butts. Their gangs have been each other's rivals since the fall. They only unite on the football grounds if you leave out the part when they are about to rip off each other's heads. Detention was like a second home and pranks flew around like flies. Suddenly their life takes a sharp turn and leads them to the dangerous UNDERWORLD. The secret which was hidden since ten years has finally come in view only for all of them to realize that they are only the puppets of some huge game. The only thing by which they can defend themselves is their pranks. Oh well! Who knew the home of gangsters will become a prank ground for some teenagers? awesome cover by -banshee #14 Action on 29/01/2017 #76 Humor


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