Thy Kingdom Come (o...
By poltergeist_people
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"They say that before you an I had ever existed there was a kingdom and within its borders a world of magic." "And what happened to this kingdom Mama?" The older woman hummed softly, braiding the childs hair with gentle fingers, "The kings and queens of the surrounding realms saw danger in this kingdoms residents, for you see, it was the only land where magic resided. Together the waged a war against the potential threat to protect their subjects. The war was long. But eventually the kingdom of magic was purged." The little girl peered up at her mother, wide eyed, "but what of the men and ladies who use magic today?" "There were few that were spared in that war. the magic users we see today are their decedents. They side with kingdoms as they see fit and aid us." She peered at her reflection in awe, "All of them?" At this her mother gave pause, ", not all. There is one who claims no alliance. She is an ally to no kingdom." The child wrinkled her nose in confusion, "so she helps everyone?" "No..this sorceress is not kind like the few you have met through your father. She wishes for nothing more than destruction." "why?" "No one knows my dear child. Nor do we wish to cross paths with her even if it means to discover why." "But..wouldn't it help to ask her?" "It is not that simple dear. one day you will understand." The child hummed a bit, "okay." The room plunged into silence. "Hey mama?" "Yes dear?" "What is that ladies name?" The mother shook her head slightly, "No one knows, not really. She is shrouded in darkness, her identity a mystery besides the rumors that float around her. But they call her Sin." The little girl cocked her head to the side, "and what did Sin do with her magic if she didn't help people with her power?" At this the mother blanched, "She became the greatest assassin that ever lived."

Map / The Six Realms

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Thy Kingd...
by poltergeist_people