Why Me? | Book I |...
By biebernlovatoXP
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"What do you want from me? I don't even know who you are." I asked getting annoyed that a guy I don't even know wont let me leave the bathroom. I was ready to scream, not that anyone would hear me over the loud music. "Well sweetheart, you may not know me but I know you very well, I will tell you one thing, I'm Jason Mccan. And you are now my property." He said smirking. I chuckled nervously after he said that. "Haha, funny joke almost got me." "It wasn't a joke babygirl, you're mine now." He whispered in my ear before putting a cloth over my mouth and before I knew what was happening, I knocked out. **WARNING:There is a lot of cursing and violence in this book. I advise those of you who are 13 and younger not to read it. I will not give you anymore warnings. Have fun reading :) All rights reserved ® Copyright © Biebernlovatoxp ™ 2014

Why Me? (Jason Mccan love story)

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Why Me? |...
by biebernlovatoXP