Sweet Like Cinnamon
By bedpeace
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Nevaeh is Heaven backwards, but when people thing of Nevaeh Marie Thomas the complete opposite comes to mind. Known as a cold hearted bitch by many, she simply states being a honest person in a world full of liars and cheats. She doesn't sugarcoat or filter the things she says because why should she? But is there someone out there who is a match for such and strong independent woman? Only time will tell. "Good girl begging to have this d*ck inside her, but it's not good enough. You know what I want Vae." He pushed so I was back on all four with him hovering over me, his heavy breathing in my ear. "Come on Vae say it and I'll give you exactly what you want, but the note like I said earlier the moment those two little words leave your mouth you are mine and this disobedience I've let you get away with in the past will not go without punishment now. So what will it be queeny?" He picked up the pace of his d*ck between my lips, it was hitting my clit so well he wasn't even inside me yet and I could feel myself about to come again. "Fuck you..." I growled refusing to give in even though we both knew I was already a goner, he stopped moving making me slump down my ass still in the air. "Nooo don't stop!" I cried out as he sent three sharp slaps to my ass. "Say the words Vae." He said calmly using his knee to spread my leg further apart. "Come on princess say it." "OKAY! I submit." I whimpered. **************** Disclaimer: photo used are not mine unless stated otherwise! All ownership belongs to respected parties!

Before We Begin

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Sweet Lik...
by bedpeace