FATE || Levi x Read...
By toffy59
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Titans were the only thing people feared, so they had walls built so high that it would be impossible for a Titan to ever climb over. As they hid in ignorance, they didn't realize another threat lived within the walls. All (Y/n) (L/n) did was try to fit in with the ignorant, going as far as trying to hide her true self. But all her efforts became futile when she befriends the weirdos who were obsessed with going outside of the walls. When forced to protect her friends, will she use her demon abilities or will she continue hiding? ----- This is a Slow Burn Levi x Reader so it will take time to develop. This story will be a remake of The Demon Inside because I published it when I was really young and I wanted to remake it so it's possibly less cringey in writing. I'm also leaving the old one up because that's my baby. This is an eventual Levi x Reader story, but it's also a Ymir x Reader with minor interactions with other characters Hope everyone enjoys! The characters and AOT storyline don't belong to me, except my own plot and characters.

Introductions: Before The Story Starts

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FATE || L...
by toffy59