The Lawyer In The K...
By ShilpiKhanna
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*Wattpad Featured Book* COMPLETED! Out of sight out of mind? Distance makes the heart grow fonder? Which one is true when it comes to test the bond of friendship? Suman Tiwari and Shravan Malhotra, two people, rather two headstrong individuals, who can be soft like butter or stubborn as a mule! Best friends since childhood, their friendship reaches a bumpy path because of certain situations. Some induced by outside force, rest created by their own headstrong will. Years later, they come face to face again. Will they clash or tune back in together. Either ways, sparks are sure to fly. They are DIVIDED BY PERSPECTIVES AND UNITED BY LOVE. A story with an original plot, inspired by some characters of an Indian television show 'Ek Duje ke vaaste' telecast on Sony T.V between 29 th February 2016 to 7th October 2016. Disclaimer: No claims on the cover Pic. I have taken it from the internet. ********************************** Published: 30th August 2016 ********************************** Disclaimer: No credit on the cover- from the internet.

Chapter 1.

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The Lawye...
by ShilpiKhanna