Last Witch of Salva...
By Breloyal
  • Paranormal
  • action-adventure
  • angelsanddemons
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  • reincarnation
  • ruby
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  • syrai
  • telekinesis
  • telepathy
  • war
  • witch
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Follow Sy'rai Ruby on her journey of becoming the most powerful witch to ever lived to protect her home. You will travel with Sy'rai on learning her craft and family secrets to stop an evil that has no name, face, or body. Explore with her as she learn the ways of what her family's bloodline mean and the gifts she alone bear. Learn why she's so important and what secrets lie within her family's history. Will she beat back this ancient evil or fall to it's will and end all life. Read and Find out. Please vote and comment if you enjoy it. This is my first book, bear with me please.

Chapter 1: The New Witch In Town

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Last Witc...
by Breloyal