Camping With Dummies
By almiti
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"What happens when the player, the cheerleader, the nerd, and the athlete get lost together in a forest? "It is discovered that people can reach a new level of stupidity. No like seriously, complete stupidity. Idiocy. I'm literally so ashamed that I even know these people-" "-okay that's enough, tough girl-" "-let go of the microphone-" "-also why do I have to be the player? We talked about this. I proved myself a worthy athlete after that competition-" "-the author gave me permission to write the description so I can say what I want!" "Ouch! You hit my head! Sorry about that, readers. Trinity is super uptight-" "-DIE PEASANT-" Oh dear, the author apologizes you had to read that! Please, do continue and pretend this description was never a thing. The characters tend to... break character from time to time- "I'M BACK!" Wait I'm the author how did you cut me off- "Just to let the readers know that I, Zeke, and the real athlete in this story-" Error: Description failed to load. -will be edited after completion -#869 in humour

Chapter One - Camping With Dummies

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