Heart of Stone: Lov...
By elsetterby
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Marble sculptor Cherry Bouvier prefers exact measurements and solid stone to flights of fancy and colorful paints. She's practical, or, as she's the first to admit, as practical as any artist can be. Then, on a very strange day in April, one of Cherry's commissions -- a sexy male nude -- comes to life. Gabriel speaks perfect English (and French), is irresistible to all animals (even Cherry's possessed cat, Genghis Khan), and has an inexplicable tendre for Cherry. Cherry has no idea what to do with him. Though he looks and talks like a man in his twenties, he doesn't know anything about the world. She can't let him go off on his own to get hurt or swindled, but as long as he's sleeping on her couch, her life is chaos. And now Cherry -- a freelance artist who lives from one sale to the next -- no longer has a statue for her wealthiest, most formidable client. How can she make art if her artwork comes alive? Still, Gabe has a charm all his own, unlike anyone else Cherry has ever met. He's worrying, occasionally maddening, and, ultimately, completely enchanting. The greatest risk may not be to Cherry's orderly life or her delicate finances but to her oh-so-practical heart.

Prologue: The Arrow

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Heart of...
by elsetterby