Love or Something L...
By AquaticAstronaut
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Background Adamandriel Soulmates exist but aren't easy to find. The first words that you hear from them appear on your skin and it's a painful process that happens at random. Hot, popular, and doesn't believe in soulmates. That's Dean Winchester. So he wasn't exactly happy when the words 'it can't be him' burned into his ankle at 11 years old. Castiel Novak, however, loves the idea of having a soulmate but the 16 year old is left heartbroken when he finds the words 'I just think the whole soulmate thing is stupid' written on his arm. Sam Winchester was thrilled to get his words because to just have a soulmate was enough. He knew it was unlikely he'd be able to ever speak to his soulmate due to being selectively mute for most of his life. All of Gabriel Shurley's siblings have their words but he's still wondering if he'll ever get them. Michael Singer is as straight as they come, at least that's what he tells himself. Well, until he meets his soulmate.


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Love or S...
by AquaticAstronaut