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By imboredandstuff
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"There was a bad accident. I couldn't say a word about it. That is, until my freshman year when I met you." Ross had a perfect family. A mom, dad, older brother, little sister.... until one little thing caused catastrophic damage. He was rendered mute. He never really talked to anyone before anyways. Never needed to. Not until he met the schools most feared student, Max. Or better known as, 'Mad Max'. Max is.... well... a SPECIAL case. No one knows why but everywhere he goes, He has music playing. Weather it be in the car, school, home, he never was seen or heard without music playing somewhere nearby. Only his immediate family knows why. Until. He meets the schools punching bag, Ross. He gets the answer to everyone's question and... some may not like the answer. Disclaimer:I OWN NOTHIN THE CHARACTER IDEAS WERE THINGS I GOT OFF THE BOOK LOVE, AUBREY AND THE NEWS!!!!

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