The Death of Me
By LLSanders
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Daniel and Thomas concoct a plan to fake Thomas' death, but their plan backfires, resulting in Thomas' real death. Or has it? ***** After Thomas is rejected by residents of Clairfield for publicly and shamelessly coming out as gay, he convinces Daniel, the good guy in town, to assist him in devising a plan to fake his death. But the plan backfires, leaving Daniel searching for answers. Obsessed with the possibility that Thomas' disappearance is part of the ploy, Daniel follows possible clues, hoping they will prove his theory and lead to uncovering Thomas' whereabouts. ***** 🏆 1st place winner of Ace Awards 2020 in LGBTQ. 🏆 Grand prize winner of Top Shelf Teen Fiction Awards 2019. 🏆 1st place winner of Top Shelf Teen Fiction Awards 2019 in LGBTQ. 🏆 2nd place Winner of The Butterfly Awards 2019 in Teen Fiction. Copyright © 2020 by Leslie Lee Sanders.

Chapter 1: Daniel Scott

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The Death...
by LLSanders