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By fettucinesupreme
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(Part I of the Lycan Series) Stowe, Vermont. Population- 4300. A small town harbors night beasts, at least that's what the humans call them. Dani has always called them, Lycans...more than calling them names she was one. She liked to remind herself that she was a beast, a demi-human capable of much more than cleaning up other people's messes. Treated like the scum beneath their feet, Dani Rover is forced to play the part of the maid to her pack of Lycan family, until one day she is pushed beyond the line and far past the point of redemption. Feeling only pain and anguish, she alienates herself to the point of false fatality and she leaves her so called 'pack' behind forever...until she's forced to return. This story has undergone a complete revision, and their new chapters will be posted as they're edited! Thank you so much!

Chapter 1 (Edited)

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Turned Ro...
by fettucinesupreme