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🏆Here #TheMermaidProject will host our many contests! ✔🌟 Be sure to enter your story in a one of our contests to win now! Rules, more information, and more details to get started are inside! ❤ The Official 2018 Make It Your Own Contest ✔🌟 is up and available now! To sumbit your story and see the rules, more information, and more details to get started swim on inside! ❤ Add our sticker to the cover of your story! >>>>>> Tag us in your story or Add #TheMermaidProject to the Discreption / Synopsis of your story to help support our campaign! And we'll add your story to our reading lists! If you'd wish to know what #TheMermaidProject is and ways you can help check out our book #TheMermaidProject! Use this link: Wanna read our book Tips On Saving Oceans & Wildlife? Use This Link: Read this to see how to enter our many contests! Cheers! ^^ ☺

Official 2018 Make It Your Own Contest! ✔

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