Dawn (Nico di Angel...
By elephants_and_bacon
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Why are some of us unpeaceful? Is it because of people? The world? Life, ultimately? Or is it because our regrets and wrong turns are lost in the past and we cannot go back and change them? Time does not allow us to rewrite what's done, and it haunts us until today. When it comes to getting the worst luck in life, Nico di Angelo and Iris Stone hit the jackpot. Losing loved ones, being unwanted, you name it. But during a quest, they begin to realize how possible it actually is to find peace without restarting the past or dying; and maybe, how finding something even more valuable through it is also attainable. The dawn is a symbol of peace. It signals the start of a new day, where you can always forget the old story of your life and write a new one.

My Dad Brought Me to Paris for Bad News

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Dawn (Nic...
by elephants_and_bacon