Not So Cliche
By SoSociallyAwkward
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Welcome to the life of Layla Brooks, also known as the “mute”. Welcome to the life of a socially challenged girl that everyone thinks killed her father. Mason Brooks, the sister of the “mute”, but you would never know, Mason avoids her at all costs, hates her even. Conner Summers, Layla’s best friend, or is he? Mr. Popular, friends with the outcast “mute”? I don’t know. Then you have the one and only, Wyatt Reeves. The bad boy, and one of Mason Brooks closest “friends”. What happens when Wyatt Reeves and Layla Brooks cross each others paths? The life of the socially challenged girl is altered. Altered in a bad way or a good way? Up to opinion. Welcome to the life of Layla Brooks.

Chapter One: What a Wonderful Sister - Layla's POV

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Not So Cl...
by SoSociallyAwkward