Iris (Book 1)
By thatCRgirl
  • Teen Fiction
  • alcohol
  • aspergers
  • autism
  • bestfriend
  • bestfriends
  • costarica
  • death
  • depression
  • fallinginlove
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  • friendship
  • iris
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  • mentionsofsex
  • secondchances
  • selfharm
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  • suddencardiacarrest
  • suicide


Kiara Azofeifa is a girl with Asperger Syndrome who feels lonely and lost after the loss of a loved one. In her mind, she thought no one would ever understand her again and that she would be destined to stay alone for the rest of her life. That was, of course, until Aaron Rodriguez, her next door neighbor, makes an effort to become her friend. Eventually, though, Kiara discovers that Aaron is suffering too and thus starts their journey towards getting better. Or in which Kiara helps Aaron heal and Aaron helps Kiara grow and at some point along the way, they fall in love. ****************************** ©2013 by thatCRgirl. All rights reserved Trailer made by the fabulous @ponybacon!

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Iris (Boo...
by thatCRgirl