The Sinister Fate o...
By FinnyH
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[Formerly Featured/Historical Horror] Masquerading as a gentlemanly bachelor living in Victorian England, Joseph Redding is a fraud amongst the living. After splitting from his partner in unspeakable, underground crimes, he must now pay the price for disturbing the dead. When a ghastly spectre reveals itself to him one night in hospital, he finds himself hurled into an abstract streak of mysteries and homicides that will begin to unravel his fictitious existence. And it seems everyone is on to him... So begins the sinister fate of Joseph Redding as he is lured down a one-way path of paranormal horror, of secrets, and wanton desire. Discover why readers call this "brilliant", "classic" and "twisted"! -------------------------------------- • @IncarnateMovie Top Exorcisms Reading List • @ParanormalCommunity Ghosts Reading List • @HistoricalFiction Gothic Reading List • @Adultfiction The Gothic Reading List • @ProjectRefresh Refreshers Reading List • @OnlyTheBestNovels Best Horror Reading List • Wattpad Featured in Paranormal • Highest rank #11 in Horror (Nov 2016) PRAISE FOR THIS BOOK: "...I ate the twisted plot right up, relished in the conflicts throughout -- from Joseph's own internalised woes to the cryptic secret brilliantly built up..." FR "...This has been a terrific departure from the norms of horror convention..." IRC "...I loved this story not just because of the horrifying twists but because of the brilliance behind its plot. I've never read anything like it..." RC "...Classic prose, meticulously written, reveals the promise of a chilling tale that begs to be told..." KN "...I loved this original story. It tapped into so many idols of mine, but just saying that does not give the story the weight it deserves..." MB ------------------------------------- 25,000 word novella

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The Sinis...
by FinnyH