lonely (Antiseptice...
By love_catlings
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Once upon a time a gurl was bored in her room and wrote a book... JK So y/n is not having the best luck, her mother her father when she was 13 and got arrested for murder. Ever since she left her father hasn't been himself, he's always high and abuses her all the time when he's mad. Y/N is always bullied and has only one friend, f/n, they have been BFF's since they were in 5th grade and tell each other everything, y/n used to cut but made a promise to stop and she would nvr break a promise. She is always drinking, tying to get all the things out her mind. All she wants is to die and leave this hell whole people call life, so she takes a walk one night.... Anti is lonely and his best friend Dark is way to busy w/ his new gf Madd-E to hang out so he never see's him and when he does come over he brings his gf w/ him ad it makes mark really jealous. He just wants someone to luv him but knows no one will, one night he was doing his nightly killing spree and killing people he seen on the streets when he spots a beautiful and depressed looking gurl walking down the streets alone in the middle of the night. This was his chance to not be alone anymore.... WARNING: this book contains things like gore, fowl words, abuse, and parts that some people may find disturbing. Key: Y/N- your name F/n- friends name H/l- hair length H/c- hair color E/c- eye color Y/s- your street S/c- skin color F/f- favorite food


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lonely (A...
by love_catlings