Warm Hands [Hiroomi...
By weebakon
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[#1 IN #KYOUKAINOKANATA 8/30/21] [#17 IN #ANIMEFANFIC 5/19/19 :))] [#1 IN #BEYONDTHEBOUNDARY 8/21/21] [#436 IN #ANIME 7/29/20] Hiroomi, who is a skilled spirit world warrior, attempts to cope with his unbearable feelings for Akihito as he starts to see the beauty in both of Akihito's worlds. On the other hand, Akihito struggles to accept his other half while trying to understand Hiroomi's love towards him. *Honorable Comments* "I love this fanfic so much, by far my favourite out of all the ones i've read, i'm always waiting for the next update impatiently." @Pahnta "This was so good. It was so intense." @KblobK "I love this story and am so happy I found it... There is so much emotion to this story, I even cried at one point... I absolutely loved this." @thestuffielover "OMG I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY!!!!" @EverlastingDawn16 "I have no words to explain how wonderful this fanfic is !!! Aaah!" @Lokaporterrores "I LOVE IT." @KotouraChan5432 Thank you!! ♡ **Notes** -This is a Beyond the Boundary (also known as Kyoukai no Kanata) fanfic. -What happens in this fanfic is made up by me and is mostly based on the anime. Not everything will be 100% accurate. Most characters are NOT mine. -Cover made by me -Chapter pictures credits to google! -Slightly rated 15+ -the minority of chapters contains sexual content and mild language. Enjoy~! started: August 21, 2016 ended: July 21, 2018

Chapter one: Warm Encounter

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Warm Hand...
by weebakon