Touring in 2005 (Pa...
By sunnybunny19
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A band from a town in California get to go on their first tour with 2 of their favorite bands, Paramore and My Chemical Romance. What will happen in these 8 months? Will there be love, hate, or friendship? You may never know if you don't continue on to the prologue. (This is set in 2005, but has today's technology. CREDIT TO 'Tomorrow's Money' by EmmaIeroToro (EmmaboolovesMCR & WayIeroToro) for influencing me to create this story) This is ALL fiction (sadly xD), but I do plan on starting a band in a couple of years that'd be influenced by the same things the band in this story is influenced by. I don't own My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, or any other bands mentioned in this story except for the made up one that go on tour with those bands, so credit goes to them for their characters and songs being in this. You CANNOT steal this, and claim it as your own. Cover was made by me!


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Touring i...
by sunnybunny19