Save Me From The St...
By xtremegay
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/modern/college au/ trigger warning-mentions of self harm/abuse/death/eating disorders(warnings will be at the beginning of the chapters) - A generally sad and depressing book about self harm, abuse, eating disorders, drug addiction, self hatred, and more! - Sad and deep characters including (but not limited to) Alexander Hamilton- a boy plagued by traumatic events of his past and struggling with self harm John Laurens- someone who's father is incredibly messed up and abusive and John is also hardcore struggling with an eating disorder Thomas Jefferson- a guy who seems really shitty at first but is actually just really poorly dealing with drug addiction and the abuse/rape that has happened to him in the past James Madison- who has health issues that cause him to feel weak and self hating. Samuel Seabury- a transgender young adult from Britain who has strong issues with dysphoria and has to deal with and transphobic and harmful face of his past


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Save Me F...
by xtremegay