Untruly Yours
By FruityPopsicle
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[Completed][Might contain lots of grammatical errors. Read at your own risk] [Contains various sentences of the language 'Urdu' but translations are provided at the end] Description:- Ahmed Bilal, aged 24, lives in the city of Karachi. He works as a driver because he is not that well-educated since his parents didn't have enough money for his education. He is a handsome guy, with dark brown eyes and black hair. He has a sweet and caring personality. His dream is to get education and help others. He has never been in love before but what happens when he meets a girl named Ayesha? Ayesha Tariq, aged 19, student of a University in the city of Karachi. Education is very important to her and a key of success. She believes that an uneducated person can never be a manner full person. She has always dreamed to have a Prince-charming husband. She is a hijabi girl, with grey eyes and light brown hair. She is caring but rude and more out-going. What happens when she meets Ahmed? What do you think will happen when the two people meet? Read to find out! Started: 20 August, 2016 Ended: 25 June, 2017 Edited by: @barbieayra Cover by: @bad6969

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Untruly Y...
by FruityPopsicle