Faded [ON HOLD]
By JustaNaturalDisaster
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*Winner of the 'True Colour Award' for Best Undiscovered Writer (below 1k reads) , THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO VOTED <3* With a suitcase, her dad and a broken trust, Lily Williams shifts from New York to Orlando, to live out of her dangerous and life-threatening past . But life takes an unexpected turn when Lily, literally, bumps into the Greenwood Oriental High School's 'Hot Jock' , Ryan Rutherford. And a dude named 'LIFE' with his best-buddies Heartbreak, Sadness, Hopelessness and Danger decide to mess up this poor teenager's life, and that obviously will not be good. What will Lily do when she hates the Hot Bad Boy, but he is after her for a secret reason? How does she cope when she begins to grow feelings for her dance partner, Alec Bradshaw? And how will she save herself when her haunting past decides to re-enter her life, and this time, threaten her survival? Get ready to get a complete mixture of Good and Bad, Fear and Hope, Drama and Laughter, and ultimately, a past which are enough to wreck the nerves of Satan. As this a story set in modern teen world, this book contains social media posts and text messages too! This is something new to most of you, and also provides a new dimension to the story! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peeps this is my first story on Wattpad. IT IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER STORIES. I would love it if you gave story a chance. Do vote and comment if you like any chapter even in the slightest way! Vote + Comment = Vomment! Amazingly amazing cover for the book sent by charms_16! If you are looking for a cover for your book, look no further. Go to her page, I'm sure you will like it!


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Faded [ON...
by JustaNaturalDisaster