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By thepastelunicorn
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As Maya Hart gets her camera ready she stands parallel to her camera and signaled her mom to click the start button and starts ranting and tell the camera some tips about life and her work. --------- Riley Matthews puts some of the baking powder on the bowl and accidentaly splashed her camera with some melted butter "Oh My god dad is so going to kill me!" And started running around the house panicking --------- Farkle Minkus put on his headphones while telling the camera what the new game has, saying "this new game called hunting nightmares is really cool guys you should really check it out!" And continued the game and sometimes scream at the jumpscares. --------- Lucas Friar started playing his guitar Singing some lyrics his friends told him to play 'Tell me what to do you know I love you.." He ended his song with a smile "So there you are guys my cover of 'You know'" ---------- Hey guys I don't know if Peyton/Lucas can sing haven't heard him but lets just pretend if he doesn't kay? So here are some useful information: So Maya have 2 youtubes one for DIYs and stuff and one for singing: CraftingRebel and Maya Hart(cant think of any other name) For Riley she is just a simple cooking and DIY channel: RainbowRiley For Farkle he is just gaming and rants(he is a person of course he can rant):IamFarkle For Lucas he is a singer(hehehe) and just some vlogs I guess: 2 channels Lucas Friar and Lucasvlogs ///// All of them have recieved the Diamond play button and just continues their lives and Riley,Maya and Farkle are total bffs but they still haven't met Lucas in person but they know each other THANK YOU I AM IVY/Lucayaispeybrina!!!

1|Just a normal day for youtubers

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The Youtu...
by thepastelunicorn