Paradise To Hell...
By FallenKen
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Laurance(MyStreet) X Reader I woke up to hear mumbling. I looked over at (Y/N). Her hands had tighten into fists. This has been happening a lot the last week. She had tears on the edge of her eyes. I brushed a lock of her hair off her beautiful face. Her breathing was becoming irregular. I grabbed her hands and rubbed circles into them. I learned from my past experiences with this to just loosen the tighten muscles, to relieve some of the stress instead of waking her up. She sat up quickly, pulling her hands away from me and placing them over her heart. Her breathing was heavy as she took in deep breaths. "Are you okay?" I asked. She glanced over at me. "Yeah. Just another dream..." some of the tears ran down her cheeks. "You ready to talk about it?" I asked, playing a hand on her back. She tensed. "N-No. Not this one..." she trailed off. "Okay... you do know I love you... right?" I asked. She nodded. "Good. You also know you don't have to be afraid to share these thing with me." "I know..." she sighed.

Love~Love Paradise

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by FallenKen