Crazy for you (Cisc...
By Zciljian_maslow
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When the Particle accelerator exploded one of their close friend of Cisco,Caitlin and Dr Wells was affected. It was the day where Dr.Wells gave her a vacation to relax for a few months. When she comes back as happy then ever, the things she left changes and she doesn't like it. Zciljian Storm is back with powers and uses it to have fun at night, the day she left she called her friends in Star Labs almost everyday.. Well After she fell into a coma for a few weeks. Now that she's coming back to Central City she wants to mess around but how is she going to when the flash comes ruining everything she does I guess you guys have to find out more

Chapter 1: I'M BACK NERDS!!

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Crazy for...
by Zciljian_maslow