The Unconquered Val...
By Squeaks7
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Book 3 of The Vale Series... A fierce elven warrior running from her past... An arrogant, handsome prince seeking revenge... Two enemies sworn to complete one common mission... Sylara Thren grew up with a sword in her hand and her life committed to serving her kingdom. Then something changes... something she could not quite put her finger on but suddenly the life of a warrior is the last thing she wants. Leaving her past behind her, she moves on to live the quiet, peaceful life she never dreamed she would find, that is until an arrogant dark fae prince interrupts her serenity. There is not much Prince Rhydian Tarrion has wanted for in his life. He is heir to one of the strongest kingdoms in the known realms, the golden boy of his parents, and doted on by the many ladies of the court. He rarely has ever had to ask for anything or explain his actions, but all this changes dramatically when his path crosses with a fiery elven warrior who he cannot stand, let alone be partners with. The two strong-willed, determined adventurers must lay their differences aside for a common goal, one that will unite their lands. Working together is the only way to accomplish this, but will their prejudices and preconceived ways hinder them? Only time will tell as they set off on an adventure bigger, more perilous, and more action packed than either have ever seen before. Highest Rank #22 11-15-16 in Fantasy ~~~*~~~*~~~ The Vale Series: *Completed* The Shadowed Vale - Book 1 The Treasured Vale - Book 2 The Unconquered Vale - Book 3 The Blazoned Vale - Book 4 Tales from The Vale: In My Dreams - Short Story Tales from the Vale: The Knight's Code - Short Story Tales from the Vale: The Siren's Song - Short Story Tales from the Vale: Never Too Late - Short Story ~~~*~~~*~~~

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The Uncon...
by Squeaks7