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Somewhere deep in the undiscovered country of the old west lies a town unlike any other. In this town, magical creatures, mythical people, and gifted individuals hide themselves from those who would persecute or exploit them. They have lived here in peace for decades, until now. Katey is a teenaged girl who, with her family, accidentally find the valley that leads to SageBrush. After her father is hurt Sheriff One Star agrees to bring the family into the town to get her father medical treatment. While there Katey and her family learn about Sagebrush's secret. With few options left to him, Sheriff One Star imprisons the family. With murders continuing to take place Katey is forced to go to school as a normal girl with children who are gifted and much more powerful. As the anxiety of the town builds Katey must try to prove she and her family are innocent before someone hurts her or them. The town panic level grows as more with every act of violence. Will Katey and her family make it through this alive? Sagebrush is a story that I write and narrate each week on my podcast Self Published Audiocast. After I have released the podcast episode with what I have narrated I post the written portion here. You can find the podcast on iTunes or any of the other popular podcasting apps if you search for it. I hope you enjoy the story.

Sagebrush Part 1 edited

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