The Elves Concubine
By lorenzaoct20
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What happen when Elves take over the world? Making North America into Elven country. HUmans failed to protect their world. The elves are made to rule. Now 10 girls and 10 boys are sacrifices the elves every year. Their fates are decided by a single crystal ball. You either be maid court lady soldier slave or die. bu what if for the first time in elf history that the ball chose one female to be a concubine of a prince. Now Lauren Briggs a Normal farmer girl is chosen as one of the sacrifices followed by her friend and neighbour. Friend Mila is a court lady and Greg is a soldier. Lauren is in the end a concubine she face challenges, pregnancy, Lies, and traitors. Will she escape from her life with 2 children still in her belly? will she marry another elf who loves her like should have been? Prince Aduin the man that lauren became concubine of. He treated herbad. Even though he loved her as well but couldnt show it. due to his cunning wife who tells lies in his ears. will Aduin win back Lauren heart or will he lose it? Tarathiel Qinleth Is a farmer elf male. Who everyone doesnt know? he can fight but he never shows it. (he comes later in the book) he meets lauren and marries her. Will Taratheil keep lauren safe or will he lose her.

Chapter 1

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The Elves...
by lorenzaoct20