Mythical Spirits- A...
By AdorbzKitsune
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Long ago, in the Kingdom of Alvana, humans lived in peace with the Mythical Spirits, powerful beings from stories of Mythology. During this time, the two species were able to reach a golden age. But, as with all golden ages, the peace did not last. One day, a cruel leader known as King Zelious waged war on the Spirits. He was jealous of the spirit's powers and wanted to steal it for himself. When the head spirit, Jilania, declined however. He killed her and took power the spot, making him immortal. After a long and terrible war, Zelious emerged victorious, the spirits fleeing from existence. The kingdom had never been the same without the spirits, the once happy and joyful land had become grey and solemn. Zelious' way of ruling did not help either, anyone who dared a pose him were killed on the spot, mainly I front of there loved ones. All hope seemed lost in the kingdom until one day, a light filled the sky and the 9 teens near the crash sight and found something incredible. Can these 11 heroes and there new found Mythical Spirits stop Zelious and bring the kingdom back to glory? Or will they perish trying? Well, your gonna have to read to find out.

Quitting the Guard Part 1

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by AdorbzKitsune