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By T-and-B
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Louis Tomlinson is a teenager going to high school, he's the so called "nerd" of the school and get bullied for being gay. His best friend is Niall, and he knows everything about Louis, and is one of the only one that accepts him in school. He hates one of his bullies the most, Harry Styles. His parents are homophobic and he is terrified to come out to them because they would disown him. Lottie is the only person in his family that knows he is gay, everyone else is clueless. Harry is a teenager going to the same high school as Louis, he is known for being popular and a player. Harry is closeted and sleeps around with women to get the gay thoughts out of his head. He's very close with his family, and although they are not homophobic he is still afraid to even think he is gay. We don't own the cover all credit goes to the artist


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Bully - l...
by T-and-B