The Charcoal Trouba...
By AlannaRusnak
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It is 2012 and Charlotte (Charcoal) Flynn is looking for a fresh start. Life in New York City hasn't been easy. She has a crummy apartment, a needy mother, and a humble dream: to be happy by the time she turns thirty. A lifelong lover of music, Charlotte buys a beat up guitar from a pawn shop, and answers an ad to become the new Troubadour in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. She leaves everything behind and makes it her mission to fall in love with small town life. It's not what she expected. But anything? It's been five years since you last met the fine people of Stars Hollow. If you think you already know all their secrets, you'd better buckle yourself in and think again... (All rights to Stars Hollow and its original characters belong to the creators and writers of Gilmore Girls.)

ONE - Bye Bye Miss American Pie

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The Charc...
by AlannaRusnak