As Soon As Popular...
By _givemecaffeine
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(Now being rewritten as Milkshakes And Big Breaks) Sometimes, chasing your dreams can take you far away. In this case, Bridgit Thompson is already on her way out of this galaxy. She's ready to do anything in this whole world to be a popular, well known writer. One fateful day, she gets locked in the school library along with four other students. These students, however, share the same dream of wanting to be popular. When the five of them start receiving mysterious messages with clues that can help them reach their goals, everything changes drastically. They just have to follow the rules: as soon as they solve the clues, as soon as they'll be popular. An aspiring writer, a dream actor, an electronics freak, a makeup junkie, and a future singer doing the most stupid and dangerous things so they can be popular. Sounds like a perfect plan...for idiots, of course. Note: I am NOT a professional writer, but I try to correct my mistakes. I do NOT own the cover photo. I edited it, but it wasn't taken by me.

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As Soon A...
by _givemecaffeine