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#37 in romance, 02/09/2017 #49 in Romance, 01/20/2017 CURRENTLY BEING REVISED AND REWRITTEN. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT OF VOL. 1 In this series "-I don't care about fair!" He shouted at me. I stared at him in shock as I took a step backwards. I don't trust him. "Fair doesn't exist in my world Elena!" "The world isn't yours Valentino!" I shouted back at him, "Peoples lives aren't for you to take!" "It was my CHOICE, my choice to shoot that figlio di puttana! I would do it again in a heartbeat if I could! He knew better than to cross me, he new the consequences...Now that is fair." He didn't hold back his anger. "But it's wrong!" I screamed at him. "Do I look like I give a fuck?!" He walked around the bed so he was face to face with me. I held his eye contact as he bent his head down, "It's only wrong in your eyes my dear. Get over it." Elena Voight lives a quiet life in Manhattan, New York. She lives a typical upper class wealthy lifestyle with her traditionally cultured family. Everything sees quiet and simple until she runs into Valentino Salvatorre, apart of the Sicillian-Italian crime organization. With her life taking harsh twists and turns left and right, Elena will struggle to accept the truth... THIS IS NOT A VAMPIRE DIARIES FAN FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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by saraitaspv