My Drawings In 2017...
By midnight_diary
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I only published on this book if I have new drawings I wanted to share or when I'm feeling a little bored then started to draw stuffs and all... But you can request any art (that I know) if you like!! and see if it good or bad!! >U< NOTE: this art book has some of traced art that I made, and I was a little fresh on drawing human figures on that time and never know the whole thing about tracing. and this is one of the reasons why I made a new art book that aren't traced. I don't deserved the complements in his book because of that. chapters w/ traced art: Cover Ink!Sans Shadow Black Midnight Black (New Version) Cross!Midnight Requested Profile 1K views Drowning Me... and that's all folks.

Request if you like!

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My Drawin...
by midnight_diary