Warrant for Damnati...
By MeanWinnieJean
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I thought I'd hit rock bottom when I closed the Gates of Hell and ended up on Satan's Most Wanted List. Then something worse happened. A fallen angel with a nun fetish and a taste for human flesh escaped his prison cell. He's Azael, the father I've never known. And he's expanding our family with the intent to reign over mankind. God's pissed but willing to give me asylum if I turn against my father and annihilate Azael's existence. While I agree to His terms, there's one problem. No one, not even God, knows how to do it. Warrant for Damnation is book two in The Courier series. Barry returns along with Margery the Demon, everyone's favorite villain. This series is loved for its unique characters, dark humor, and fast pace that's like playing a video game. Read this series if you're a fan of Christopher Moore, Terry Pratchet, or Jim Butcher. You're sure to have a damned good time! Need to catch up on The Courier series? Read Call for Obstruction, Book 1 at https://my.w.tt/kS7Yi1hFDL. Fall for Freedom, a short prequel to The Courier series is also available on Wattpad at https://my.w.tt/NR0d5Y4CDL. Follow the main character, Barry, on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TheCourierNovel Cover design by RL Treadway at http://atrtink.com.

Chapter 1 - Screwed

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Warrant f...
by MeanWinnieJean