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"P-please i-if you let me go I won't tell anyone." She pleaded. He looked at her and laughed. "Like I'm supposed to believe you?" He said. He just looked at her as she cried. "You hungry?" He asked. She couldn't even answer so her stomach answered for her. "I take that as a yes. I'll be back, don't go no where." He smiled and left the room. She tried toying with the ropes but it was no use. She was stuck. So she waited and cried. She thought about her life and freedom. But that was cut short when he walked back in the room. "Miss me?" He asked. Her body shook in fear as he got closer. "It's okay, Andrea. You don't have to be scared." He said rubbing her face. Without thinking, she spit on him. I think you know what happens next. Her punishment. WARNING: THIS BOOK WILL HAVE ADULT SITUATIONS AND THE ACTIONS THAT CHRIS TAKES WILL BE OUT OF THE ORDINARY AND CRAZY. IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT, PLEASE DO NOT READ. be his

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by ___andreaaaa