City of the Dead (A...
By GavGav7
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The fourth book in the award-winning 'Abyssal Sanctuary' series. Justin, Tiffany, Eric, Christina and Carmen have failed to prevent the Blood Moon from rising and now the undead will feast on Lakefield View. Following the events of 'Rise of the Ripper', Justin finds himself caught between an old love and a new love when an unexpected reappearance complicates his love life; Carmen finds herself inhabited by a malicious spirit that is adamant on claiming her body; Eric finds himself on the run, not just from the undead, but from Tremaine who brands him a wanted criminal; Tiffany is forced to consort with her family as all hell breaks loose outside; and Christina deals with the ever-growing witchcraft that pulses through her veins. All of their personal drama becomes entangled as hordes of the undead rise from their graves, filling up the streets of Lakefield View. As they fight for their friends and their families, they must survive long enough to outlast the Blood Moon. They have twelve heart-stopping hours to live through or they will join the resurrected in death. † The Abyssal Sanctuary series on Wattpad: 1. Remnants of the Damned ✓ 2. Ashes of the Innocent ✓ 3. Rise of the Ripper ✓ 4. City of the Dead (Ongoing) 5. Decaying of the Shadows (Coming 2018) 6. Dominion of the Devil (Coming 2018)

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City of t...
by GavGav7