How To Mend A Broke...
By AknedMars
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Even after getting dumped by his beauty queen girlfriend, Jacob de Lara refuses to move on. But when his friends come up with a plan involving the spunky and unwavering Rachel Lim, maybe moving on isn't so hard to do after all. *** Believing that Andrea is the woman meant for him, college student Jacob de Lara is determined to get her back. He refuses to move on and forget the years they shared together. Tired from seeing him sulking, Jacob's friends come up with an idea to divert his attention to someone else. The plan is simple: Jacob would make whoever sits on the 'destined' table his rebound. But everything gets complicated when feisty Rachel Lim takes the spot. Now faced with a difficult target, can Jacob finally move on from Andrea and have his second shot at love? Disclaimer: This story is written in Taglish. Cover Design: Ms. Louise De Ramos

Chapter 1

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How To Me...
by AknedMars