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DO NOT REPOST, PLAGIARIZE OR TRANSLATE THIS STORY. I AM WATCHING YOU. RANKED #50 in the Jungkook tag (2018-05-25) #129 in Fanfiction! (2018-04-30) He was a normal boy who lived in the country side and had this one dream. His biggest dream to get in Sperminston University, one of the most prestigious universities that offerered scholarships to hardworking students like him.He had to watch all of his favorite hyungs leaving one after the other to the Infamous city Called SinTown while attending Sperminston University in Hormonston.The kid worked his butt off in senior year to attend that University. There was one thing that caught him off guard and it was a VERY sensitive topic. That one topic that would make him erupt into all sorts of strange symptoms such as Sweating,Freezing,Weird Temptations and Raging Hormones. His biggest fear in in this universe ; GIRLS. Jeon Jungkook he was called.The boy who went to an all-boys school from middle school till high school graduation.Jungkook and the word girl together in one sentence could only mean disaster. He could not function around a girl and the second he stepped into that university's dorm room he knew his life was good to be f*cked. His roommate was a girl. He knew it. It was GAME OVER from the start. ''My name is Jeon Jungkook and my roommate is a girl... *sweats nervously * Let me tell you about my story'' -Jeon Jungkook


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| Jeon Ju...
by Jkfortunekookies