The Girl Next Door
By trinajones1234
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"What's your name?" "Why are ya talkin' to mi?" "Because I want to. Now, what's your name?" "You don't need ta know tat." "Why are you so mysterious?" "Why you askin' meh a lotta questions?" "Maybe I want to know who you are." "Maybe I don't want you ta know who I am." "But-" "Are you done nah? The teacher is talking." "Can you just tell me what your name is, girl next door?" "Robyn. Now turn around, gal. I'm trying ta work." After seemingly escaping her problems from her previous life, 17-year old basketball player, Robyn Fenty, moves to Snata Monica, California. New start. New high school. New people. New problems. 17-year old dancer Onika Tanya Maraj, better known as Nicki, wonders who is the girl next door. Nicki sees that the girl doesn't talk, and when she does, she's rude. She lives alone and she seems to love basketball. The mysterious girl somehow wows her and she vows to learn more about her. But for a girl who has a hidden past and won't let anyone get to her, what happens when their paths cross one day?


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The Girl...
by trinajones1234