His Seductive Targe...
By nicholesevern
  • Romance
  • afterlife
  • demons
  • enemies-to-lovers
  • forcedproximity
  • investigation
  • paranormal
  • romance


NYPD Homicide Detective Veranika Russo used to hunt monsters every day on the job. Even though she's been suspended from active duty, she can't resist investigating her sister's murder. But doing so triggers hallucinations that haven't haunted her since childhood: demons. Only the demons are real. And one of them killed her sister. Special Agent Grayson Wyatt of the FBI has signed a deal with the Deceiver himself to bring Nika to him by the next full moon. In exchange for his soul. But his seductive target makes him yearn for a life he hadn't realized he wanted and, when it comes down to handing her over, he's not sure he can give up the only woman capable of severing his deal with the devil. On the run from the most powerful evil in the world, Nika and Grayson fight against time to track down the demon that killed her sister, but can she really trust the one man she fears the most?

Chapter One

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His Seduc...
by nicholesevern