Hardly A Hero [BEIN...
By SkyHunterXoX
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Rose O'Connolly hasn't lead an ordinary life. By day, she roams the halls of her school alongside her best friend, Jazmine. By night, however, she uses her powers to commit petty crimes and occasionally do some good when it benefits her. Yes, she's what some people would call an anti-hero. Rose believes she is the only one of her kind before she discovers that Ben Carson, her Chem partner and crush since 5th grade, has developed powers like hers. After he comes to her for help, she takes on the responsibility of training him and together they start to dig into their past. However, when Rose meets TerraStorm, an enigmatic and charming villain, it becomes quite clear that everything is going to make a change for both the worst and the best... Highest Rankings - #8 in Adventure - July 19th 2017 #10 in Adventure - July 18th 2017

Chapter 1: Nerd By Day

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Hardly A...
by SkyHunterXoX