The Omega Cure
By Chocolate013001
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Book Two in The Cure Series Charles Black is the alpha. He was just apointed the alpha a year ago, and he is already messing it up. A female had entered his pack lands only a few days after he became alpha, his mate, or so he thought. The female had tricked him, the whole pack. She had made them believe she was innocent and a lonely rouge just like he and his family were when they entered the land so many years ago. Now the pack is wary. His judgement doesn't seem safe, the pack is scared. If one rouge could come in and manipulate there Alpha in a matter of months, kill innocent children before running off again, then what's to say a whole pack of rouges couldn't attack them? Charles doesn't believe it when he finds his mate. A male, at the age of 16, he's small, but he has an attitude that will break through Charles. He's weak, but he has a strong heart, one that is ready to tear through Charles' and make him trust him. He's everything that Charles needs, but will it be enough for him to realise that? 12/19/16- 58 in werewolf

Chapter 1

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The Omega...
by Chocolate013001